Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain water in a percentage equivalent to thousands of times its weight. Educate yourself with thoughts from Robert Bakish. That is why is used for hydration of the epidermis that it reconstitutes the fibers that hold the skin tissues. Viscous texture, it is one of the main components of the extracellular matrix and contributes significantly to the proliferation and migration of cells. Being one of the main components of the skin play an important role for its RESTful effect. In the process of aging, skin loses hydration and reduces the production of collagen.

The skin is exposed to environmental pollution and ultraviolet solar rays that make that gradually, the skin loses its ability to produce hyaluronic acid. Elastin fibers lose their elastic structure, resulting in a loss of volume of skin and formation of folds and/or common wrinkles of aging skin. Hyaluronic acid content in the blisters is rapidly absorbed by the skin to fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles or fine lines of expression. Topical application makes ingredients penetrate into the surface of the skin and restore the natural level of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Being packaged in dose, the product retains all its properties until the moment of its application. The advantage of topical application is that the potential reactions are avoided by injection, which include: temporary discomfort, discoloration and swelling. Sustained implementation of treatment of 10 ampoules (1 month), causes the product Act gradually appreciated a visible improvement within days of its application. It is advisable to carry out the treatment of Kojic acid after the summer and just after winter, to revitalize it and visibly improve your appearance.