Electric Cafe

Since that time, some Kraftwerk albums were issued in various language versions, with song lyrics in English or German. Kraftwerk are the creators of the style electro group Kraftwerk is often credited with inventing the style of techno. They were one of the first pop groups who have created (not the avant-garde) music composition only with the help of electronic instruments. Even his voice is sometimes created by a generator, or passed through a vocoder, becoming robotic. In 1980 the band released 2 more albums – Computer World (1981) and Electric Cafe (1986), as well as vnealbomny single Tour de France. This was followed by long pause, during which Kraftwerk gave some spectacular concert tours with video projections, released a re-worked, modern-sounding versions of old songs (The Mix, 1991). The first new song, released after the album Electric Cafe (1986), was Expo 2000″, released single in 1999 (the same name to the World Exhibition 2000 in Hanover). In 2003 he was released long-awaited album Tour de France Soundtracks, sounding modern, but at the same time designed in the style of the group.

For the album release was followed by a world tour, the materials which formed the basis for a live CD and DVD Minimum-Maximum (2005). In January 2009, according to official data, EMI, the band was left one of its founders – Florian Schneider, who has worked with Kraftwerk almost 40 years. People who decide to become a machine Kraftwerk started, when electronic music has not actually happened. But it was, what is their great merit, and not without reason that today is considered one of their majors modern electronics. However, it is undeniable that they have contributed not only in electronics but also in all other types of modern music, opening it to many new and hitherto unknown. The story of this amazing German team started in 1968, but, of course, not immediately and not just.

In order to understand the roots of this phenomenon in the electronic music enough to remember the music (and other) situation in Germany at that time. German teams played mostly cover – version of the popular British or American songs. In addition, thoughts and thoughts of the masses quite strongly had occupied the “cold war” (which, incidentally, we do not say any more words, as the newspaper did the music). And then the younger generation has decided to put itself and thus make visible Germany in the global culture of that time. The result – a new wave in music and film. As to the cinema, and this we today will forget, but in music there are such experimental groups as TANGERINE DREAM, CAN, and of course, Kraftwerk. Well, true, Kraftwerk – it also appeared not just as Rome was not built. First there was a group ORGANISATION, created Florian Schneider-Eslebenom (Florian Schneider-Esleben) and Ralf Hutter (Ralf Huet-ter), who met while studying at the Art Academy in the town Remschied, that near Dusseldorf. “We woke up in the late 60’s and realized that Germany has become an American colony. Not was of German culture, German music – nothing.