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Comparison platform goes commercial office supply online Berlin, an innovative comparison platform for commercial office supplies with particularly user friendly functions goes online February 12, 2012, with Target online is on the one hand the search for Office articles of numerous providers for the buyer significantly to simplify it and to determine the best overall price on a wide range of offers. The compiled shopping carts can be ordered directly from Papersmart. In addition to a shortened selection and ordering process, the comparison platform promises savings of up to 45 per cent in respect of Office articles about new online services. Annually, stationery worth almost five billion euros are ordered by German companies.

There price differences even when standard products between different providers often by over 100 percent. Alone with these two numbers shows that there is an immense saving potential”, explains Michael Wendt, Managing Director of Papersmart. Yet only a few companies and employees trying to make savings when ordering office supplies by comparing prices. That is just too cumbersome and too time consuming. Here we apply with Papersmart and the new search and comparison features.” The online platform characterized essentially by three key developments, which distinguishes them from popular price comparison portals, and by the Papersmart makes the purchase of office supplies over the Internet much more attractive. So, the shopping cart price comparison with split function revealed so far often hidden savings.

Orders can be divided on request on two provider, if it is cheaper than the price of the cheapest sole supplier. So, other traders populate missing products in the assortment of the best provider. The imminent introduction of generic article is unique”. The use of classification standards Papersmart makes it possible to represent the customers comparing complete product categories. A buyer is then no longer must one who set numerous manufacturers, if he seeks, for example, a yellow highlighter.