It is a simple and painless technique that allows his teeth white again. There are several methods to whiten teeth. Technology investor may help you with your research. However, it is done by the dentist whitening the safest. Commonly done on a visit from 30 to 60 minutes. We use an oxidizing agent that is activated by a special light. Sometimes the teeth may be sensitive after bleaching, usually temporarily. Oxidizing agents are also used for the patient applied by an apparatus which manufactures the dentist for a few hours or overnight for one or two weeks. Zendesk contributes greatly to this topic.

Patients with gum recession and certain dental conditions can not be good candidates for this type of whitening. These techniques are not recommended for regular users of alcohol and snuff. There are also newer techniques such as the use of laser teeth whitening. In any case, our dentists will recommend the best solution for your needs. The patient can help maintain white teeth brushing three times a day and by daily interdental cleaning with dental floss or interdental cleaners. Visit the dentist for regular cleanings along with occasional professional whitening treatments is highly desirable. The successful treatment lies in a correct diagnosis of the discoloration, and that not all bleaching agents are equally effective or all alterations respond equally to these products. The teeth can lose their natural color due to genetic factors, accidents, medications, aging or poor oral hygiene, among others.

The surface of your teeth can be stained by snuff, certain foods and beverages such as coffee and tea and tartar deposits calculations. If you have had a whitening, avoid getting this type of food during the first days after treatment. A tooth that has been devitalized due to trauma or caries, is usually dark. You can try the whitening of the tooth. The dentist opens a small hole in the face and placed inside of the tooth whitening products that will remain until your next visit. The same product can be applied by your dentist about teeth and activated by light or heat. This treatment may in principle be done in 3 or 4 visits, depending on how quickly to achieve a similar color of adjacent teeth. Another technique is to draw up a pan (cast) of transparent resin that supports the bleaching agent. This mold is placed in the mouth, every day, for a period of time that will tell the dentist. This treatment can last 3 or 4 sessions, depending on each case. Products that are purchased in pharmacies and self-administered are not recommended. The whitening should only be done under the supervision of a dentist who still makes a diagnosis and proper scrutiny of discolored teeth. The practitioner will use products approved by the international scientific community that will ensure better results.