Schloss Charlottenburg

It is very difficult to imagine Berlin without its futuristic, full of international architecture design buildings. Shops, bars, restaurants, theatres, houses and make your own world. If you are planning to visit Berlin and wants to be part of the scene, it considers the possibility of renting a Berlin apartment during your stay. There are many apartments available for rent to tourists on a weekly basis and prices are very reasonable. Presented below are some of the places of Berlin that you won’t want to miss. 1 Boulevard Unter den Linden, with its numerous monuments and palaces, will allow you to trace the history of the city, the focal point is the Brandenburg Gate.

This is one of the most cosmopolitan and prestigious in the city streets, also replicates the charm of Prussia. 2. The fabulous Sony Centre attracts eight million visitors a year. This steel structure with its candle, glass ceiling, shines as a UFO in the night. To do some shopping, Kurfarstendamm, Potsdamer Platz and Friedrichstrasse are ideal sites. 3.

The people make long lines to buy a delicious cake in the first level of the room of Potsdamer Platz. Llamelos Schrippen or call doughnuts, are delicious and very cosmopolitan. 4. The new centre of the city is Potsdamer Platz, which is a great place to visit and see the new National Gallery. 5. During the last 100 years, has been categorized as the largest in a so-called area department store of West city, I’m talking about the stores KDeWe. 6. The Ku damm, it is a commercial zone of high level which are the main representatives of fashion, this is another must-see. To know more about this subject visit isearch. 7 Friedrichstrasse, in Mitte, and Quartier 206 are shopping sites located in a fabulous Mall of elegant design, famous for its soils in black and white marble mosaic. There is also a link to subway to the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris. 8. Local streets near the Kurfurstendamm Avenue and Savigny Platz boast wonderful original bookstores, galleries and picturesque and lovely cafes. 9. Museum of the island’s houses, there are five museums on an island on the river Spree. This group of museums was little shaped after the period of ancient Greece. 10. To enjoy a spectacular panorama, visit the Reichstag, of Foster and Partners, has a glass dome, with mirrors that reflect the soil. 11. The Museum commemorates Jewish Holocaust and its architectural structure is based on a star of David. 12. A visit to Kulturforum is a must for any art lover, since this place has galleries of world class, including Gemaldegalerie. 16. The Palace and the gardens of Schloss Charlottenburg, former home of summer of Queen Sophie-Charlotte is another place that does not want to miss. 17. The Zoologischer Garten and the aquarium in the Tiergarten constitute the oldest Zoo in Germany. 18. The Olympiastadion is a sample architectural old Nazis, although it is recognized as the place in which Jesse won four gold medals. 19. The Hau and Sophiensaele are avant-garde theaters that present contemporary dance, theatre, music and opera, with groups coming from all parts of the world. 20 A-Trane is an elegant bar of concerts and great personalities. B-Flat and a big piano, are other sites of interest. 21 Anna Blume is a cafe and flower shop, which serves delicious cakes that you can enjoy on the terrace during the summer. There are many night clubs, where you can dance all night. Clarchen, White Trash Fast Food, and Schonhauser Allee there are three known points.