Technology Applications

Nitrocellulose lacquers and nitroemali are widely used in studies of coloration of various products, primarily because of the high rate of curing paint. This allows for high-speed operation methods. Staining surfaces nitrocellulose paints spend with spraying guns, so fast drying material makes difficult their application brush. Nitrocellulose based coating enamel NTs -132 possess good physical and chemical characteristics only when applying them to properly and carefully prepared surface. For this reason, the painted surface requires careful preparation.

Walls require a good washing detergent followed by drying. Sanding old paint should be cleaned with a scraper and align with putty and then sanded with emery paper with fine grains. Wooden surfaces are first cleaned of contaminants and irregularities of the old paint. Wood surface defects eliminated Filling followed by drying and grinding. Before applying nitroemali painted surface apply a prime coating.

Most often used for this nitro or primer GF-021. Nitroemali NC-132 and SC-25 are sold in ready-to-eat form, but if necessary they diluted, applying for this solvent is 646. Dyeing to along the fibers, with two coats. Intermediate drying the first layer is carried out at room temperature for 50 min. Selection of paint colors produced by staining sample of a material similar to the material surface to be painted. To obtain the desired hue can be mixed with paint of different colors, but mixing should be carried out under natural light. Nitroemali are also widely used in the repair of paintwork the car. For the repair of defective enamel coatings can be used nitroemali NC-11 NC-132. And in this case a high speed drying nitrocellulose coatings at room temperature, so it does not require the use of high-temperature drying. Coatings based on nitrocellulose enamels are well polished and polished, which allows to obtain a beautiful glossy finish.