Tell Us Your Story: the Restless Moon

In this month so special in which we pay tribute to all our moms, we continue to publish stories that we hear about the experience of being parents. If you want to share with us this time so beautiful and unrepeatable, send us your story.

Hello, My name is Laura Lorena Alvarado and Chat want a little person the most spectacular in the world.
When he was 5 months pregnant my daughter Isabella Moon was moving day and night, was very disturbed, so much so that everyone who touched my belly managed to feel moved. Unfortunately at the end of my eighth month of pregnancy started to take loss of amniotic fluid, and thus began to make examinations. I am afraid when I noticed that the baby had stopped moving with the same frequency as I used to. I conducted an emergency Cesarean section in which Moon Isabella was born alive and well.

From its earliest days, Moon had some very intense eyes, a look so beautiful, managed to . When the charged move together only minutes observers. Moon is now 10 months old and remains equally concerned that at the beginning of my pregnancy, has so much energy that leaves tired to all who cared for her and still happy. It is very sweet and thank God nothing.

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