The Author

They had had the possibility to lie down themselves in the soil and to again try to be child. To come back to learn. ' ' In the arteterapia the established values are differentiated, do not matter what I make, but as I make and what I feel from what I construct. The beauty is not in the panel of is, but of the scene of inside, in the act to create, where the value of the experiment meets in what faz&#039 is felt and in the representation of the object for who; ' (grifo of the author; PAESANTE, 2008 p.23). Attention called me it as if they had allowed to the delivery, despite in the first meeting. They very told strong things for the beginning of a work.

But some were contained in its speak, but the great majority if displayed with much easiness, bringing facts of infancy that had marked all a life of pain and overload. In ' ' Mine vida' ' , the worked subjects had been: Bows of the life; Transforming with the hands, and the precious Gift. The used materials had been bows of ribbon of colors and varied forms, periodical, glue, bristol board, shears, pencil of color and wax chalk. In these workshops, they had dived more in the personal questions. The souvenirs of phases that had marked the life had been brought and shared in the group: ' ' I very felt me happy in being able to speak, I feel myself well when I can relieve and to be ouvida' '. Sensations were arising: ' ' I felt me wanting to create something, not wise person as, therefore never I made nothing similar. I find that it is all party, to pieces, but my intention was to make everything certinho; ' ' I am feeling a person finding, me capable, making what never I made in my life, trying to make what valley pena' '.