The Fashion

It is a time of unreliabilities, of alternation of a winged one and the retraction of the other, but mainly it is the moment of them you distress staffs, familiar and social. (KLOTZ, 2005, P. 02) Therefore, one ' ' fase' ' that it requires support and accompaniment in such a way of parents how much of professors and educators to become incorporated security to understand the proper ones you distress. Details can be found by clicking Dermot McCormack or emailing the administrator. In accordance with Netto (1976, p.95), the adolescence has been pointed as ' ' age emocional' ' , time of the life human being where the behavior if finds frustrations frequent subject to, conflicts between reasons, problems, misalignments the new situations, that disturb the behavior and the experience of the individual. It has social and ambient factors that influence so that some young unsafer and is indisciplinados of what the others, such as: ) restrictions that is an excess of supervision of the parents, b) obstacles of order financial, where the adolescent is disabled to possess something that desires to c) new situations, where the adolescent if feels unsafe to if coming across with new barriers, as a new course, new school. d) expectations of third that they demand responsibility of the adolescent.

e) failure pertaining to school, that generally results in immaturity, I lack of preparation for new challenges. (Netto, 1976 apud Hurlock, 1949, p.96). The influence of the education is clear received in house; of the desires of material acquisitions of the adolescents who always want to have the clothes and the cellular one of the fashion; the new entrance in courses and schools; the expectations deposited on the adolescents for other people; proper the failure pertaining to school either for not being mature, either for unpreparedness front to the challenges. The pertaining to school indiscipline elapses, basically, of the trespass of two types of rules: ) the moral ones that they are the ethical principles, as for example, the prohibition of xingar or beating and b) conventional that they are those defining for a managing group with certain specific objectives, for example, impossibility to inside use cellular and the prohibition of colloquies parallel bars of classroom.