This time I

This time I want to share with you, a chat OpenMaps of which we speak IKKS, Colombia, in FLISOL of freenode, which says how we can help create maps of our private areas. It also says that the level of datella we can achieve with this tool is greater than GoogleMpas gives us. —– (20:40:08) Flisolec: openstreemap is like putting on a website (20:40:14) Flisolec: made with joomla (20:40:24) IKKS: If Flisolec, that’s possible. (20:40:36) IKKS: You can embed Flisolec sites, just put a javascript invocation. (20:40:52) IKKS: Flisolec, in which city (20:41:19) Flisolec: Quito, Ecuador (20:41:28) Flisolec: why Flisol EC (20:41:37) IKKS: Ok Flisolec (20:41:58) IKKS: Well, Quito has a pretty good map, and there had already put the plug, but someone should retire. (20:42:40) IKKS: The difference between openstreetmap and any other service we know is that this map is free as in free speech, not free as in free beer. (20:43:01) IKKS: In fact google maps have a fee to join certain sites (20:43:16) IKKS: And you really can in principle access to images of maps generated (20:43:22) IKKS: clear and the photographs (20:43:30) IKKS: but no option to upgrade or update. (20:43:45) IKKS: openstreetmap maps is like Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. (20:44:01) IKKS: openstreetmap Something very interesting is that one can work in different ways. (20:44:16) IKKS: Going after traces of GPS to trace over them. (20:44:34) IKKS: You can edit maps through various tools such as potlatch web tool is made in flash. (20:44:58) IKKS: as a first step then invited to enter and recorded. (20:49:48) IKKS: As in Wikipedia, one can be a consumer, or it can be a collaborator. (20:50:04) IKKS first thing to do was locate locate streets that are close to my house. (20:50:16) IKKS: That way family and friends could be located easily. (20:50:38) IKKS: So openstreetmap details of the sector in which I live is much better than any other map I’ve ever seen:) (20:50:51) IKKS: One may put name to the buildings (20:50:55) IKKS: you can put traffic lights and may indicate the importance of the roads. (20:51:06) IKKS: The importance of the roads, that is, if they are primary residential (20:51:23) IKKS: and other programs used for routing to calculate the estimated travel time from one place to another. (20:51:42) IKKS: In addition to car routes can be placed parks and public spaces, pedestrian walkways and bicycle (20:52:05) IKKS: and thus calculated not only services drive time estimates, but also na foot or by bicycle. (20:52:40) IKKS: Once you are registered may use the edit button (20:53:02) IKKS: To edit the map, and you can edit the “editor” potlatch which is on the same page of (20:53:12) IKKS: v 1Kd3S53CXQs (20:53:30) IKKS Alla may be seeing a bit like the editing process. (20:53:42) IKKS: They’ve done very, very simple, and so there is no excuse for not working (20:55:53) IKKS: In addition to the tabs on “Edit” (20:55:59) IKKS: Are those of “Export” (20:56:07) IKKS: “GPS Traces” and “User Diaries (20:56:36) IKKS: With exporters can obtain information from the maps to work locally, which is very interesting because in addition to posting information (20:56:51) IKKS: If you want you can use it to create products. (20:57:18) IKKS: Becoming business opportunities that each may arise in his mind and his work and ingenuity can materialize. (20:57:29) IKKS: GPS Traces lets you upload a trace of a gps (20:57:33) IKKS: and there is calque. (20:57:59) IKKS: Something very, very important not to mention about Edit, but that those who have already entered for this option is (20:58:09) IKKS: What you end up tracing over aerial photography of Yahoo. (20:58:33) IKKS: Which is very comfortable, although the level of detail in the photograph may not be asgood. (20:58:46) IKKS: So here is where the GPS trace charge more value. (20:59:04) IKKS: A way to draw from Bogota to a village about 80 km from the city (20:59:13) IKKS: it was from a trace that I could get a cellphone (20:59:19) IKKS: whose brand fails to designate ) (20:59:24) IKKS: not to promote it. (20:59:44) IKKS: For just any cell phone that can save traces or any gps that can store would be likely to serve (20:59:50) IKKS: to upload them to openstreetmap. (21:00:09) IKKS: When you edit a map, it is possible that the later edition 3 to 5 days to appear public. (21:00:34) IKKS: That’s because the edition is taken from a farm tiles collaborative to serve relatively quickly. (21:01:31) IKKS: You can if you wish, collaborate with computing capability for processing OpenStreetMap tiles. (21:01:44) IKKS: The tiles are each of the images that makes up the map (21:01:54) IKKS: And upon the level of zoom and the active layers. (21:02:11) IKKS: If all that is involved in real-time processing, the answer would not have so quickly. (21:03:16) IKKS: A common question is Where do I get GPS (21:03:37) IKKS: It is common for universities to these devices in several departments and eventually one has a friend (21:03:45) IKKS: that only uses your iPhone to talk on the phone: P (21:14:03) IKKS: Once you are satisfied with the result of having focused on openstreetmap added in place will take their respective FLISOL (21:14:22) IKKS: Place the map on the wiki Flisol is easy, thanks to a plugin to easily embed program. (21:15:02) IKKS: The Bogota was: (21:15:07) IKKS: (21:15:09) IKKS: And the code in the wiki was: (21:15:26) IKKS: OSM (4.65723325, -74.0889,15,, 370.330) (21:15:55) IKKS: That represents in the order longitude, latitude and zoom level, glyph to appear on the map width and height of it. (21:15:58) IKKS: That’s it. (21:16:06) IKKS: So in summary are two steps: (21:16:13) IKKS: 1.