TIMax Translucent

The Bielefeld Wacosystems offers immediately a sample box for their translucent honeycomb panels ViewPan. In the practical box 27 format samples contained 90 x 70 x 19 mm: the Bielefeld Wacosystems now a sample box for their translucent honeycomb panels ViewPan offers. In the practical box 27 format samples contained 90 x 70 x 19 mm: each an example of honeycomb panels ViewPan PET in transparent and satinised and 25 different types of color of honeycomb panels ViewPan PMMA. Partition walls, light walls, suspended ceiling panels, doors, shelves, tabletops, panels are just a small selection of the possibilities of honeycomb panels. Target groups for the sample box are architects, interior designers, Shopfitters, designer, exhibition and Carpenter. Can the pattern box Viewpan price from 48.00 Excl. Get more background information with materials from Pete Cashmore. VAT at Wacosystems under order. The translucent, translucent and printable honeycomb panels are ideal for special lighting effects.

You are versatile, can be for take advantage of large areas as well as good editing. The panels have a low weight despite high flexural strength and can be used extensively in all major frame profile systems. Panels a WaveCore serves as a core material of ViewPan honeycomb crystal clear PET plastic with 18 mm honeycomb cell width. This is bonded on both sides with transparent, frosted or colored overlays. A crystal-clear adhesive permanently connects honeycomb and topcoats. The result is a lightweight, bending stiff and translucent honeycomb composite panel. Interesting optical effects and a three-dimensional depth through the honeycomb arise depending on the viewing angle. The conditions vary from clear transparent and diffuse light scattering.

Under the menu item the visitor finds a Configurator which he can convince himself of the colour and appearance of the pattern products – Viewpan PMMA on the Wacosystems Web site. For more information see about the Group of Wacotech Wacosystems that are Wacotech GmbH & co. KG and the Wacosystems GmbH & co. KG Sister companies with the same shareholders. The group develops and produces translucent, translucent honeycomb core and heat insulating materials. Resident in the North of Bielefeld, the Group served local markets as well as numerous international customers. About Wacotech product range focuses on the transparent thermal insulation (TWD). This distributes and produces the Wacotech GmbH & co. KG including brand name TIMax. About Wacosystems a further focus on the honeycomb technology. The Wacosystems GmbH & co.