Tower Lamberti

without mishap. I got off the train and I entered your central station Porta Nova, very cosy with much dynamism, immediately got in campaign to get to know about the places that It should meet within a period of 6 hours that I had intended for her and return to Parma at dusk. In the same season one finds the tourist office with lots of information and attention that provided me with a map of the city with the main places of attraction. I took some points of references and I started planning my route. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dell Computers. I started at 11 am.

Fortunately with a temperature of 15 degrees, I began my March from Porta Nuova transiting Via Locatelli, passing by plaza Simoni, hence taken via Giberti which leads to via Valverde which leads to the Pradaval square and continue to the beautiful open plaza, where this majestic amphitheatre Arena, very visited. At the time of my arrival, had many excursions, almost all from Germany, and cities of Italy itself, as many young people. Since then, the atmosphere was very lively because it is in date of Carnival and Verona also celebrates it. In fact, I could see a large number of highly decorated floats which were to form part of the that evening parade. I stayed in the amphitheatre and plaza, long enough to know the anti-theatre and streets nearby that maintains still alleys narrow, cobbled, stones and colors in some businesses, offices / departments. Streets being ECSC celebrate Valentine’s day were decorated in bright red hearts.

I proceeded then to address Plaza Erbe, approaching this very lively and proceeded to viitar House of Giuletta (reason for other writing) Tower Lamberti, House of Romeo, Arche Scaligere. After seeing these places, I went to St. Anastasia by corso Anastasia, where I went to the Duomo and its square. In particular, for the dwell time have no doubt that La Piazza Erbe, is the heart of Verona, very lively, more in this age of carnal. An ideal place to have a coffee or a drink. In the morning it is filled with stalls and in it are the statue of the Madonna of Verona – representing the trade – and the Palace of Maffei, built with stone feature reddish marble and Verona. You must not forget the Palace. the Comune Palace, whose terraces serve as lookout. It is very assertive comment that walk up to the Piazza di Signori shows interesting buildings and a statue dedicated to Dante, who lived in Verona. The Cathedral and the medieval Verona is reached via Garibaldi. The most exclusive shops of the city are in the Manzini road. CABE also emphasizes that Verona also offers extraordinary music concerts, operas that they are worthwhile going to enjoy it, when they are offered. I decided to bid farewell to Verona and take the train back to Parma go to the tomb of Giuletta located between the Via Porto Capuletti, through the Museum in my return to central station radio Depoca. Within the time I spent in this cozy Italian city, not the slightest doubt, that you can enjoy le as well as its restaurants to savor the variety of dishes offered the Italian food. It is recommended to visit it. At 6.30 in the evening was again in Parma, in where still will remain some days. Original author and source of the article.