Transmission of Knowledge

The volume of assimilated per unit time information has increased many times. But not quality. Mediator in the person of the teacher was almost completely excluded. And without him was not only difficult to estimate successful assimilation of the material, but also the ability to apply it in practice. For a complete, high-quality transmission of knowledge requires a personal touch. Therefore, there was the problem: to make education as interactive, in this case, without prompting from the virtual space, not to lose benefits already achieved in the speed, accessibility and convenience. Such a teacher returns became possible with the advent of technologies and tools for videovstrech-online and collaborate in real time via the Internet. Practical options for using such services are numerous: from distance learning in educational institutions to the organization intra-system of coaching.

Presentations, training, sales-meetings, meetings – all without leaving your desk. At a convenient time for everyone. Technology allows one or more speakers to reach an audience of a few people to several thousand. Where are all the participants – has not the slightest value. Importantly – access to the Internet.

In addition, as a rule, are recorded events. In fact, at the disposal of the customer is finished media products. Which it can use its discretion in the future: how to presentation material, as a training course. This tool is available to even the most insignificant market players. His service is much cheaper than traditional distance education system. The effectiveness of lecturers and selected material is visible at once. If the majority of participants found the lecture boring and unprofitable, then they always have the opportunity to immediately make this public. Accordingly, no need to wait until the whole course in order to assess the professionalism of invited experts. You can respond in a timely manner and adjust the educational process. In addition, the interactivity of the educational process significantly improves its quality. Students can ask additional questions to clarify what is not understood. Acquire knowledge on personal example of teachers. That is all very close to the living. *** In fact, the latest technology today to recreate the "classic" educational process. Virtual audience – with the teacher transmitting knowledge to personal example, with the ability to ask questions, check with the mechanism of absorption material. Everything, as in life, but with the advantages of virtual space. Objective of e-learning has all the advantages. But there is a broad target audience. People "do not have time" for progress. Their thinking is analog, not digital, not a network. But if trends continue, full-scale transition to digital – a question of time.