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Prevent dental or Cure
An Approach
Speaking today of Public Health, still sounds strange to many in Chile and also understand that in many other countries, but fortunately today we live in a process pofundo Health Reform, which will bring to the fore the public health still some look less.
It’s hard to decide where to begin to talk of Public community Health, as theoretical material on the subject there’s a lot, but apparently also practiced less.
So good that I have judged it as a summary of the concept of prevention, facing the of Healing, and later in the following writings reach the issue of benefits Health Promotion.
Remember a little: The dispute between prevention and cure are summarized in the mythical figures of Hygieia and Panacea, daughters of Asclepius the god of Health.
Panacea represented the cure for all ills, symbolizing healing. Higia Health represented instead as a natural order of things. The word hygiene symbolizes honor his memory and Prevention.
The struggle between Panacea Higia and largely reflects the contemporary debate, which has its main antecedents in the 18th century and the emergence of the welfare state with which the health became a public responsibility to ensure a basic level to which all accessed as part of being citizens. After World War II, health, basic package is part of the process of economic and social reconstruction of Europe. Social Security replaces the right charity, which implies a widening role of the state by requiring mandatory contributions to patropnes and I taxpayers, thereby decommodified health.
But also the 18th century was the scene of the beginning of the irruption of the market, freed from any moral contension in health, as suggested by Mr. E. Bustelo U of Buenos Aires into one of their presentations, we will continue inserting opinions in our comments on the subject of preventing or curing.
Today, this dilemma is put, each time with more force, since the process now that we live in health sector reform. We hope to continue examining this issue, we consider accidentally as a gateway to the topics of Public Health and Health Promotion which will come later. For now remember that prevention is better than cure before.
Dr.Maria Dastres M
A little history, Sotelo Market
On the road to get to discuss and analyze the area of Public Health and Promotion, implanted in our journey through recent history in the dispute between preventable and curable. Continue this introduction to our main topic. Until the 18th century, when the attention of the sick were kept within the family and community, was very difficult, that health was regarded as a commodity. Health money was worthless and it was insurance an affordable, as it was then natural with the appearance of clinics and private hospitals. Dominant notion that the disease was cured with volunteers, the task of doctors was considered a saint. But when the patients began going to the doctor to pay attention in hospitals or to buy medicine in nutrition look to prepare their own medicines, medical care came out of the family circle and enter the market. Many refused to treat medicine as a commodity. Hence the history of medicine in clinic the 19th and 20th centuries is the history of the expansion of the market, but also from its constraints through the state .. Therefore we most contemporary health systems remain mixed features. Chile is the case facing the health sector reform with a difficult reality to face: a public subsystem in a process of recovery and a private sub Isapres firmly established and represented by private clinics. Recently established after several center years of department discussion the AUGE system in the area of care, as part of Health Reform, whichis a major challenge for these two subsystems and for the country weight loss in general and especially for the state .. This guarantee scheme is implemented in a context that involves substrate or a hospital system in crisis hospital because of the inadequacy of the system to changing epidemiological and demographic and primary care municipalized trying to recover from the dissociation of the product of reforms of 1980 . My first choice is has cost-effective health plan solutions In regard to the medical latter, recall that the late anos 60 Another concern is made explicit through the clear social differentiation which was established in the population and between countries. This raises the proposal of the Primary Health Care (PHC), which involves the start a confrontation with the high-tech medical industry and medical sectors they believed that the strategy planteba underdeveloped services.