White Tea And Blue Tea

Tea white in terms of the production process, as well as in green tea, left to dry the leaves. But most young shoots of the plant are used in and out more antioxidants. Call this type of tea tea of beauty. Called so, because it has a very high concentration of antioxidants and by this much delayed cellular aging. This tea is also very useful beauty treatments, and you can apply white tea with your skin care cosmetics.

White tea contained three times more polyphenols than green tea and had more antioxidant power than vitamin and C together. Tea White has proven to be, compared with green tea, much more effective to treat viruses and bacteria. White tea has less catecinas and epicatecinas, although more Gallic acid and less caffeine. Incidentally has the same benefits I mentioned in green tea: it is diuretic, decreases the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, reduces the risk of cancer, reduces bad cholesterol, prevents caries, strengthens memory, reduces fatigue, helps with the ear infection, herpes, with eyes bags. The only contraindication that is the costliest tea, due to its beneficial properties.

Blue tea is also known as Oolong tea. This tea is very famous for the absorption of lipids that manages our organism. Used much in cosmetics to prevent cellulite or products which act against cellulite. Many of these products contain this type of tea. Blue tea (oolong) type is characterized primarily by its level of fermentation, which we distinguish by their color, because the darker, fermentation level is higher, and will contain one greater aroma and caffeine level and lower in antioxidants. It is a powerful reducer of fats, along with red tea, it includes much in slimming diets. It reduces blood pressure and has all the other properties that have white tea, previously explained and as green tea.