Windows Vista

Microsoft has found in our own investigations that the measured values of the tools actually reality conformity and the recommendation to replace the battery was also always entitled. But if certain conditions are not met, it can be nevertheless false statements with respect to the indication of wear. Because if the BIOS and driver updates of the notebook manufacturer incorrectly during an upgrade of Windows Vista are installed on Windows 7, it is possible that the battery passes incorrect data regarding its current and original capacity. Make sure so when upgrading to Windows 7 on the correct BIOS and driver software for your laptop! Windows 7 delivers only the information which are documents from the battery and has no way to verify this. The battery itself represents another source of error, since there is yet no uniform rules, must note what information a manufacturer as on its battery.

Until recently hardly a human being has been interested. So the original capacity of the battery can be E.g. to ‘0’, ‘unknown’ (unknown) or a too high value, so that the message to the buy recommendation of new batteries will appear under Windows 7. Also a newly purchased, identical battery will not solve this problem. Even at a new notebook, this message about the battery may appear by mistake. Known models for this purpose are the Samsung Q320 and Toshiba Satellite T110, whose Akkus have no record of the original capacity. Another cause of Exchange you your battery from “message can be with new notebooks also because that the used battery comes from ‘old’ stocks. Batteries lose some in store performance, which therefore immediately registered Windows 7? Also when the purchase on newly produced batteries.

Companies such as E.g. which specialise in trade in batteries, not in vain praise the freshness of their batteries. Yanec products that are compatible with original rechargeable batteries of from well-known manufacturers, obtained additional lifetime warranty. The Microsoft Press message’s, according to ‘Windows 7 swallows’ no batteries. The operating system monitor battery simply just more accurately than ever before.