Nowadays most mobile phones are equipped with video camera. also a Webcam a few Dollars or Euros we can assert are available video editing software for FREE, can get FREE programs that can record our desktop, ideal for recording video tutorials. I am already preparing an Article Video in depth dealing with these programs Free. On the Web we find multiple platforms like video or even YouTube and there are platforms that allow us to upload our video to several places at once, thereby saving time. What we can use the video? It may be to sell and promote our products and / or services to sell third-party products to pre-qualify prospects, to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Applications do not have to only use our creativity. “I can apply the video in my business? The answer is a resounding YES, whatever the sector or activity to develop the video should be applied. The video helps us in the organic positioning. ! As we all know there are two ways to appear in google results: 1E sponsored links (Google Adwords campaigns where we pay for our ads to include in these sectors).

Organic Positioning 2E, ie one does not pay to appear on the Google results page, but to appear at the top is influenced by many factors (SEO work using tags and keywords, the seniority of the website, the number of links to our site, etc.. , Etc. .) In the traditional SEO is very important to the age of a website, a Web site with more than five years will more easily a high Page Rank.