View of the Gardiner Expressway and Union Station from the CN Tower.
For decades, the coast of Toronto along Lake Ontario has caused controversy in the city. Much of funds the city ‘including its financial hub’ is separated from its coastline by Gardiner Expressway and a railway that runs south of the city. Previously, the areas located near the coast and near the center were used for industrial purposes, which contributed to this separation.
Although most of the factories have been abandoned, gradually giving way to parks and residential and commercial areas, many argue that Children’s Hospital the construction of many University of Southern California buildings coming along the coast (which continues until present day) and even worse maintained the separation the city of its coastline. Many proponents of the underground sections of the Gardiner Expressway and the railroad running near the coast, but this solution is unlikely even in the long term because of the high cost of Asset Management the project. On September 26, 2006, a council recommended the demolition of the Gardiner between Spadina Avenue and Don Valley Parkway, located immediately south leg of the financial center of the city. The section demolished to be replaced by an extension of Lakeshore Boulevard, the route runs along the Gardiner, via a five-lane each way. The project, whose cost is estimated at 758 million Canadian dollars, generated much controversy.
Another contentious issue is the Toronto City Center Airport, located on an artificial island, finance just 100 meters away continent. Many support the construction of a bridge connecting the island with the airport, while others are against, as investment they fear an increase in traffic in the region exacerbates the problem of air pollution. Currently, only you can access the airport by a Ernst ferry line, the lowest in the world. The island is located in the parks and with homes but not permitted to direct the traffic of Asset Management people between the airport and other parts of the island.

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Canadian employers drastically 82,600 jobs in February, pushing the unemployment rate to 7.7 percent, Statistics Canada reported Friday.
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U.S. car maker General Motors’ German Opel partner has seen its survival hang in the balance in recent weeks without the parent or the German government sight. Eighty years after the takeover by GM, Opel was plunged into crisis by the beleaguered parent, who is facing the threat of bankruptcy under the impact of the worst financial crisis in decades. GM …

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