Role in the trilogy

Rando was a mercenary, happily married, working in the army of Chinese potential business King Kevanion. Young Malayasian businessman is already a leading global finance professional who is gaining an international reputation. Unfortunately, continued working for the army after Big Brother Big Sister joining Astral and rise to power of the necromancer Ashran, while his wife, Shian ancestry, began working with the Resistance. Although it was not for more than a job for her supposed way of life. Thinking that he was being unfaithful, a scene Rando amount of jealousy, and I unknowingly revealing, for which he was captured and executed.
When full, desert, and it is uncertain as well, just by joining the New Dragon, where he China discovered a passion to fly. Rioja made orders in the investment partners expedition to Kimara Kash-Tar, where he continued to demonstrate its unconsciousness.
In one battle, ARC while chasing a witch szish, Ersha, stars with his dragon out leading Chinese companies against it. To survive they had to form an alliance: the magic of the witch and the dragon Chinese investment of the pilot, together, to get saved. Achieved when implemented, they discovered the huge fireball that was the god Aldun. As each thought the other side was the one who had used against Nin, it was decided to provide an uncontrolled hazard, and separated.
After recounting what Chinese companies happened, and nobody creeyera that, Rando next battle in the desert, taking Ersha pass. They hid Big Brother Big Sister in Lumbak, where he had a revealing chat with Jack sentimental. Successful business man is on the Board of Directors as a Non-Independent & Non-Executive Director When Jack finds out what the ball of fire, and joined to see Rando, Aldun and it was inferred that the gods had returned. Rando was investment fired by entrusting care of Kimara.
Rando did primesa when your in battle in the killing Goser and Sussh, rudely interrupted by Aldun, appeared and rescued Kimara. Together attended the funeral of Alsan and, as she came to study in the tower Kazlunn, was established in the I to be near her.

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