Cosmetic Medicine

Is it possible to return to its former beauty, blush on the cheeks and face with no wrinkles, often wonder woman. And the older they are, the more often arises in the mind the question. Thank God, the fair sex could now be quiet about that even in 50 years to feel really young – to move forward quickly plastic surgery has made happy many, the procedure Face, Lip correction and press-therapy can work wonders. Botox or some other 'Vaccinations Beauty' is a natural purified protein, which became extremely popular in the United States, Botox blocks the connection between the motor nerve and muscle, its operating principle is that modest doses, it relaxes the muscles straining most frequently, thus eliminating the reason for the appearance of wrinkles. Another reliable means of wrinkle removal – biorevitalization, it can be used to return the skin elasticity and girlish blush. Biorevitalization – that subcutaneous injections of hyaluronic acid chemically constant, which restores the balance in the cells of the liquid, giving them the best conditions for work, resulting in intrinsic properties of tissues are restored. Oxygen therapy – 'young' industry of cosmetology, her, in addition, referred to as 'mesotherapy without needles'. ed pages. This procedure is based on the introduction into the skin of active substances for by increasing its permeability by increasing the partial pressure of oxygen (useful substances into cells with no blood, and with the air, and from 20% of the share rises to 98%).

Ultrasound – a variant standard for us fizprotsedur (massage, pool, etc.) based on the use of ultrasound waves with a frequency above 20 kHz, such waves cause compression and stretching of the cells. The impact of ultrasound treatment is reduced to three points: heat (the formation of 'deep' heat, which activates metabolic processes), chemistry – physical (the acceleration of chemical reactions in the tissue) and mechanical (micro tissue at the cellular level). Peels – cosmetic procedure, consisting in the top layer of skin flaking with a view to aligning and cleaning the surface. Peeling by means of ultrasound, using laser, various enzymes and acids, the depth of impact isolated superficial chemical peels, deep chemical peels and average.