Even Before The Aztecs And Mayans Knew …

Even before the Aztecs and Mayas of the cocoa bean to be appreciated. But in addition to the pure pleasure of eating, it was also used as medicine for fever, for example. Even today we know that the cocoa bean, mostly in the heart and blood vessels have a positive effect. Moreover, the consumption of chocolate increases levels of serotonin in the brain and makes us such a good mood. That way they still taste really good, we should not forget to mention, of course. Is replaced by the sweet taste of chocolate, however, mainly because of the sugar. For the cocoa bean brings with it a rather tart taste. Another important component of the bean is the grease that makes the chocolate creamy and enhances the flavor. For simpler chocolate industry are incorporated in the rule for reasons of cost with simpler fats. This one does not, of course, given the intense chocolate flavor, as with fine chocolates. For fat and sugar in these quantities is clear that you should enjoy chocolate with caution, because it brings with it some calories.Today it is seen as a pure luxury to. Most of the cocoa beans come from Central and South America. To prevent the heat-sensitive chocolate must not be unnecessarily transported to produce most of the manufacturers of fine chocolates their end products in Germany. The most manufactured product is the blackboard. It is simple and, because of the preconceived Riegel, practically portioned. She has also compared to the chocolate bar with an excellent price-performance ratio. The chocolate bar is intended more for the road. More products from the chocolate mass, for example, chocolate buttons or sweets, chocolates or chocolate candy. To drink there is, for example, drinking chocolate in various forms.