Kitesurfing – A Young Extreme Sport Imagines

They shoot past a hair’s breadth and draw a meter-high water fountain behind them. Then they pull on the kite suddenly jerk and lift up to ten meters. We’re talking about kiters. Kitesurfing is one of the newest water sports – a blend of snowboarding, water skiing and kite flying. Feel the forces of nature unabated Kitesurfing is regarded as extreme, but attracts more people under its spell. On the Adriatic coast – in Vieste, Italy – one of the best kite spots in Europe, regularly meets the elite of this sport. Then gecruiset very rapidly over the water “, loosely mounted on the waves or even jumped to swirl up into ten meters into the air. These large jumps are what’s cool, plus you can feel the natural forces of direct and no brakes – so the experts feel the thrill of their sport. Even though kitesurfing is considered an extreme sport, that is still far from that, it is extremely difficult to learn.Properly assess security risks, despite (or because) of all the enthusiasm it can quickly be dangerous. When you lose some control over his screen, can be dragged by the kite along the beach or thrown against a rock. Most accidents happen on land – during takeoff and landing of the dragon. Therefore advisable to keep all obstacles are always two screen line lengths distance. According to one must also exercise instructors, in an emergency to rapidly solve the screen. These kites have different release systems. Thus it is sufficient for newer models often have to leave the Lngsstange going to fall off the screen thus automatically with little train. Closes From beginner to license one for a kite course successfully, you get a license. The only way you can rent kite equipment to practice without a teacher further. Nevertheless, one should only practice exercise where other sport – the best in the vicinity of surf schools. According to experts Shallow districts, where the water is very shallowis ideally suited for beginners. Ask at unknown locations, the first local kite-athletes following any obstacles in the water, such as sandbars. You should also inquire about the current and wind conditions and take-off and landing zones. Which is allowed waters kiting, you will learn the responsible Schifffahrtsamt. For more information, see example below The equipment – what to look on the screen are used almost exclusively kites with air chambers, in this case, Bow or Hypridkites ideal for beginners because they are easier to maneuver and fall almost straight up when you let go of the bar. However, professionals prefer C-kites, which draw even, more suitable for tricks, but require more skill. The screen size varies 5 to 18 square meters. The stronger the wind, the smaller the screen should be. Good for beginners mediocrity is a 11 square meter screen, which costs about 1000 Euros. ForBoards have twin-tip boards, with which one can travel in both directions, enforced. For beginners, the recommended length of 1.40 to 1.60 meters, while professionals prefer to lengths of 1.25 meters – costs about 700 euros. The belt (trapeze), which is attached to the kite, there are two versions. Professionals usually carry a Waist Harness, because it allows more freedom of movement. For beginners, however, a seat harness is more comfortable with leg straps – Price: about $ 100. What you wear depends on air or water temperature. Beginners should definitely wear a wetsuit for added protection against cooling. In addition, a helmet is essential.