Heating Oil – The Time Is (price) Is Critical

With large price changes in the normal citizen in the federal rule is hardly encounter, unless he invests his money in stocks. The situation is different but as for owners of an oil heating system. For heating oil prices are changing almost daily, often several times a day. This is because oil is a product that is produced from crude oil, which in turn is traded daily on the international oil exchanges. This trade is not only subject to the laws of supply and demand, but also political and meteorological influences. Thus, the price spike is due in the autumn of 2005 to Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed large parts of the oil infrastructure in the southeastern United States and threatened the supply of oil and oil products. Political crises such as Iraq or Iran to bring oil exchanges are always frantic price markups – depending on the times in which a message, other times in the right direction. Even the foreign exchange market played no small role in the fuel oil price. Since crude oil in U.S. dollarstraded to hang from our oil prices also depends on what is strong or weak, the euro rate. While a strong euro for our export industry is rather negative, of the cheaper oil imports, and hence heating oil and gasoline. It is worthwhile in any case, keep a close eye on the fuel oil. Because in the past few years, stood at an average purchase quantity of 3000 liters of the price difference between high and low the national average at 300 euros (2006) to 600 euros (2005). This year it will no doubt reflect wide fluctuations in fuel oil price. The well informed consumer makes use of the services that are offered online, for example him under and thus has a good chance of finding the right purchase date.