Information and Communication Technologies

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Information technology and communication (ICT) are a set of services, networks, software and devices aimed at improving the quality of life within an environment and an integrated information system interconnected and complementary.
Information technology and communication are just a concept in two different studies as the main premise in the social sciences where such technologies affect the way of life of societies. His extensive use and abuse to denote modernity has led to completely erroneous views of the origin of the term.
Computer science are responsible for study, development, deployment, storage and distribution of information through the use of hardware and software resources of computer systems. Most of the above techniques will not be charged as such.
As a sociological concept and information to deal with knowledge necessary to make reference to the use of multiple ways to store, process and disseminate any information, telematics, and so on. with different purposes (educational, organizing and managing business decisions, etc.)..
So not only is the object of those intangible objects for social science. For example, democracy, and new information technologies and communication (NTIC) are two concepts that travel in one direction, while democracy is the spirit NICTs are methods, resources, freedoms to offer transparency to the government.
Consumption of Information Technologies and Communication in 2005