Sectors of the City

North: The Higuita ‘Bella Vista’ Las Terrazas’ La Rosa ‘Jirajara’ Jobito ‘The Ciepito’ The Fly ‘Bishop Alvarado’ Italva ‘Ascension’ Los Amigos. These areas are located in the north and turn at the top of the city are in the foothills of the Sierra de Aroa. Most of its streets and slopes are inclined towards the El Tigre hill. The Ascension is a INAVI urbanizacion built by the end of the’60s, this laid out in a system of trails (approximately 50) and stairs which provide access to the terraces where the homes are. El Barrio La Mosca, enjoys a panoramic view for being located on a slope that is the bottom blue mountains of Aroa. East of this neighborhood is located Bella Vista, the tree-lined boulevards flanked by Yaracuy, Cedeno, Los Banos and Las Fuentes.
Casco Central Water Fund ‘Cantarrana’ Zumuco ‘Fundacion Mendoza’ Oasis’ Neighborhood Center ‘Banco Obrero’ Punta Brava ‘El Panteon. The hull is composed of the central districts as referred. They have experienced tremendous growth and transformation in business districts (still residential). The town is crossed by a central system of commercial avenues such as: Libertador (ranging from the vial Catarrana Oasis-up City Boraure across the entire hull of the city and extending over a length of approximately 20 km) , Av.13 (Carabobo, Jose Joaquin Veroes and Cartagena), Av.Caracas (it is located in the Plaza Bolivar, the building of the governorate, the municipality, the cathedral church, school, Republica de Nicaragua, in the extreme south Park and Fort San Felipe in the north end school tecnica “Romulo Gallegos”, as well as numerous shops and other public offices).
East: Andres Eloy Blanco ‘Customs’ Jobito and Las Mercedes. These sectors were until recently ranches and farms that were favored by close proximity to the river Yurub . Currently the process of urban growth has come to this area. Still retain the cool leafy trees to stay there. In the east of the city, some of the above sectors, we find the facilities of the park exhibits Seve Jimenez, sleeve Cole Pedro Maya “(the largest in Venezuela), the nucleus of the UNEF, the Detachment 45 of the National Guard and some tourist lodges that provide visitors the rest and the goodness of the area.
West: Independence County and Municipality Cocorote (La Morita). This area is one that has a greater growth in housing construction. Industrial Zone, the CIEP, the UNEY the IUTY, UPEL the IUPMB the IUTAJS the passenger terminal (Terminal again), the city sports Horacio Estevez, “the sports area located in the av. Ravell (calle 32) and the airport of Las Flores, are in the west of San Felipe.
South: Urb La Rosaleda, San Antonio ‘Higueron’ San Jose. The urbanziacion San Antonio is a set of small fifths surrounded by vegetation and close to the city center, this gives you an attractive location and characteristics. At the entrance of San Antonio is the headquarters of the National Open University and is the next San Jose dsarrollo housing. The sector is composed of Higueron of the urbanisations Higueron (8 steps or sub) urbanization and the wall, both total about 19,000 inhabitants, therefore, a populous area or neighborhood of San Felipe. Current CEO of Global Cash Access ,was the general manager of USA Processing/ BA Merchant Services Gaming Venture. The river washed Yurub the west side of Higueron. It should be noted that this sector also offers several tourist lodges.

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