Infrared Gas Heating Systems

The heating of large volumes of air with traditional methods using convective heating method is highly inertial and costly, since the heated air, rising upward, greatly increases heat loss in the upper zone of plants. This is caused by the low efficiency of traditional methods of heating in large buildings. Added to this is a significant loss of heat in the heating mains during transport coolant to the consumer. These problems are solved by using a gas infrared heating systems.; Gas infrared emitters (GII) are placed under the ceiling, and heating is done on a sunny Rays: emitter directs thermal infrared radiation directly into the work zone, heating assistance and surfaces, from which in turn heats the air in the room. The main advantage of infrared gas heaters based on the principle of direct transmission of heat to all physical objects in range of the apparatus, which minimizes the time required to reach the required temperature. The transfer of heat from using electromagnetic waves is no intermediate coolant – air, hence, energy expenditure to achieve the desired balance of heat is minimal. areas with district heating in the transition heating radiant energy can achieve significant savings due to the fact that payment is only really consumed energy. Radiant heaters do not cause any drafts or any other air movements, which provides additional comfort.

Reducing the room temperature at a moderate and uniform exposure to humans radiant heat creates a cheerful mood and pleasant teplooschuschenie. Infrared heating systems operate almost silently and installed on the ceiling or in corners between the ceiling and walls, which increases the versatility of heated space. Because the system Infrared heating has a modern look, design and aesthetics of the premises does not suffer. Special attention when choosing the type of heating – convection, infrared or conventional – should be paid to the fact that installation of infrared heating is not necessary to interrupt the process. Other advantages include: the efficiency of infrared heating systems – 92% which is 15-30% higher than conventional systems, heat sources – gii installed in a heated room at a height of not less than 3,5 meters in free space and are small in size, do not clutter up the wall as radiators, registers, and heating ducts, which are dust collectors – gii does not need buildings, boilers, heating and bulky chimneys, thus eliminating the cost of their building maintenance and repair; for central heating with gii requires power several times less than that of the air heating and an order of magnitude smaller than the boiler. As the number of times less than the cost of gas for the heating season – Compared with the payment for the consumption of coolant (hot water or steam) heating costs during the season reduced to 3 – 5 times.

Automatic control systems, which complement the infrared heaters, fully control the process of heating, both the temperature and in time. Regulatory system can be connected to a central computer with the ability to fully monitor the energy economy of the whole enterprise. Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd is the official representative in the territory of Siberia and the Far East Kubler GmbH (Germany), one of the leading manufacturers of infrared heating systems we offer our services to sell, design, installation and maintenance maintenance of heating installations gazoluchistogo Kubler GmbH Data heating systems are used in rooms with a height ranging from 3.5 meters.