MAC System

Network cards Network cards allow connection to a computer and a network cable. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. Network Card converts the information which is intended to be sent in special bags. Package – a logical collection of data, which includes a header with address information and information directly. In the title present address field where the information about the place of origin and destination data, NIC analyzes the destination address of the received packet and determines whether the packet was directed to this computer. If the conclusion is positive, the board will give the operating system package. Otherwise, the package will not be processed. Special software allows you to handle all the packets that place within the network. sights. This opportunity is used by system administrators, when analyzing network performance, and hackers to steal data passing through it.

Every network card has a unique address built into it chip. This is called physical, or MAC-address (Media Access Control – Control the media access). The order of acts done by a network card is. 1. Getting information from the operating system and its transformation into electrical signals for delivery through cable. 2.

Getting the electrical signals on cable and convert them back into the data that you can run the operating system, 3. Determining whether the intended received data packet is for this computer, 4. Managing the flow of information that passes between your computer and the network. Hubs (Hub) – a device that can integrate computers into the physical star topology. The hub has multiple ports, you can connect the network components.