Online Advertising

Google will use all opportunities in the advertising sector. Running the option for AdSense for mobile phones, today search engine reveals a new format for online advertising. We are talking about Gagdet Ads, interactive format, which operates on the model small standard interface widgets, employees to set up some home pages. Advertisers have the opportunity to show there is more information than traditional advertising, inserting images, video or animation interact with Internet users, all without leaving the ad unit Gagdet Ad. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Zendesk. This format is based on the technology of Ajax, and can include advertising in Flash format with images, video or sound. Speaking candidly Koch Industries told us the story. It can also show real-time information, such as the constantly changing price of the product. Advertisers do not need deep technical knowledge, anyone with a classic creation of Web-sites and the technologies of html or xml can make Gagdet Ad Specialized Reports This new advertising is included in the palette formats, advertisers have already proposed network users to Google AdWords.

At this time, Gadget Ads are only open some of them already created advertisements in the format rich media (images or videos) through Adwords. This system is tested for several months, agencies and clients in the uk and Germany. For advertisers, there are many advantages: with Ajax programming platform is open for all, easy to use and no accounts for the server or hosting of advertising. In addition, the search engine has created a means of reporting, especially for this type of advertising that advertisers were able to determine with precision, not only the number of hits Gadget Ads, but the precise interaction between Internet users with advertising. Last advantage: to preserve the philosophy of the format widget, advertisers can allow visitors to download this commercial, and show it to his personal home page iGoogle.