RIM BlackBerry Bluetooth

The idea of a hands-free car that is practical, and well-heard, among other things, is small. If a small, discreet. cellular phones Somebody explain it to Canadians RIM (Research In Motion) is not because they have learned. The creators of the famous Blackberry, this cellphone pioneer mobile phones in having e-mail in real time, is now deep in the business of accessories for mobile phones. Laudable decision. But can we please move towards the better. Because just look at the photo of the new RIM BlackBerry Bluetooth hands-free viewer to realize that the beginnings are always hard. In 2003, Nokia entering the market for game consoles releasing the N-Gage portable LG terminal, featuring MP3 player and integrated FM radio, video playback, as well as mobile, multiplayer game (thanks to the Bluetooth connection) and the possibility installing any software (such as GPS navigators). You can run all the emulators written for the Series 60 (almost all pay), but also Nokia develop specific versions of the free N-Gage (there are versions of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, MSX, Commodore 64, NES, SNES, Megadrive … ). Adds USB connector, allowing access to the MMC as a Pendrive. As a disadvantage, the MMC card slot is under the locked cabinet by the battery (which requires a shutdown to change a commercial game), put the phone sideways in order to use it, and does not support all free phones cards MMC (Nokia only ensures their cards and up to 128 Mb at astronomical prices, while users with a basis of trial and error manage to locate compatible brands up to 1024 Mb). Despite this failed to reach the initial expectations, and fail to position itself as a console at the same level as the portable Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and there was also a new generation of laptops from Sony and Nintendo. Hence for Nokia to launch a new reissue of his mobile-console.
In 2004 Nokia candy bar phone launched a new model Nextel cell phones called the N-Gage QD, it will focus more on the left side console and a background in multimedia options such as radio and MP3 player. Added the option “hot-swap” which refers to the power draw MMC memory card without having to switch off the device, an improved keyboard allowing greater playability, plans a rubber band around the console to avoid damage to the cellular phone plans falls, improved screen, a higher-capacity battery, etc. Also completely redesigned exterior, a smaller but similar weight. The Samsung speaker phone is no longer on the side but on cellular phones the front, thus cellular coverage eliminating the so-called side-talking. On the other hand was removed the USB connector, MP3 player and radio, even if a program is possible to play MP3. The new version QD has a single audio channel, so Motorola the music can not be heard in stereo, unlike his predecessor who did. Inevitably compared with the previous model, but we can not say whether it is better or worse, simply has to cellular providers consider the needs of each and choosing the appropriate model. Yet the Nokia N-Gage, the former model as the QD version are suitable for use as interactive multimedia players, thanks slider phone to its processor and multitasking operating system, is able to perform multiple functions such as play many formats of audio and video if you use a proper player. The functionality of the N-Gage comes to the most unexpected and limits that can be installed on your operating system programs as surprising as useful, the catalog HTC range from simple audio player programs such as anti-theft alarms, or even a mosquito capable of repelling these pesky insects produced by ultrasonic speaker.
Several models have appeared lately in the N-Gage QD Nextel which only differ in the various cabinets that incorporatesserial number and accessories such as a card reader or a dual speaker to listen to details autoamplificado games.
Sales in Spain have already exceeded the 500,000 machines sold. From there to the latest edition of the convention on the N-Gage was done in wireless providers Barcelona.
Currently Nokia has cell phones stated that it intends to market a successor to this machine, but wireless phones says that its new N Series mobile will have the possibility of trying new games Nextel thanks to the Radeon chips that Nokia and ATI (graphic card company for pc) are working, of which there are two versions depends if phone goes to mid-range high-or cell phones medium-low.