Treatment Of Sludge

The sediments that are generated in stages called primary and secondary sludge. These sludges contain large candy bar phone amounts of water (99 ), pathogenic microorganisms and organic and inorganic pollutants. plans Several methods Verizon have been developed for the treatment of sludge and include: anaerobic digestion, aerobic digestion, composting, cell phones chemical and physical Motorola conditioning. Verizon The treatment LG of sludge is to destroy wireless providers pathogenic bacteria and reduce the moisture content.
Anaerobic digestion takes place in a closed pond called digester and does not require the presence of oxygen because it is made by bacteria that develop in their absence. For optimal growth of these microorganisms requires a temperature of 35 cell phones C. Anaerobic cellular phones bacteria degrade organic matter present in sewage, in a first stage, propionic acid, acetic acid and other intermediate compounds, and then give the final product as Verizon cell phones methane (60 – 70 ), carbon dioxide (30 ) and traces of ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen. Methane and carbon dioxide are odorless, while propionic acid is rancid smell of cheese and the acetic acid has a smell of vinegar.
The aerobic digestion is cellular phones performed in an open pond and the presence of oxygen and therefore the injection of air or oxygen. In this case, the digestion of organic matter is carried out cellular phone plans by aerobic bacteria, which carry on their activity at room temperature. The final product of this digestion is carbon dioxide and water. There is no methane. This process does not produce well-made scents.
Composting is the mixing of aerobically digested sludge with mobile phones wood or shredded tires, to reduce free phones its moisture to be ready later in a landfill.
The conditioning chemical may be cellular coverage applied to both raw and digested sludge and includes the slider phone application of coagulants such as aluminum sulfate, ferric chloride and polymers, whose Samsung role is to help the sedimentation of suspended matter and solutions the mud, the mud elutriacion or washing, chlorination and application of flocculant.
Physical treatment includes treatment by heat and the freezing of the sludge.
Once the stage of microbial digestion, either aerobic or anaerobic, sludge still contains HTC plenty of water (about 90 ) in dehydrated required for final disposal. To do this we have designed two main cellular providers methods: air drying and mechanical drying.

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