Schmidt Professors

The preparation of the Brazilian professors for the use of medias and didactic-pedagogical digital objects as material still leaves very to desire. According to Schmidt (2003), in the formation of professors of History, great part of the pupils of the course of History, it delays much time so that the same ones enter in classroom? what it only happens in the last periods of the college. The student passes little time following professors and giving lessons, what she harms its formation. In the truth, what it is observed is that the universities do not prepare the professionals who leave for the market of work for simple challenges of the daily professor as to know if a question easy or difficult for is determined education segment. Additional information is available at Pete Cashmore. On the basis of this reality, let us see some now reflections on the four points of the cited quarrel of this article at the beginning of this work. 2.1.Objetivos It is important not to forget objective them the lesson, which are these the norteadores of the actions to be developed for the professor of History. Therefore, before if worrying on as to develop the work it must be asked why to teach to this or that content? Where point it will go to contribute for the learning of the pupil? The boarding in the history education cannot atrelar to study it the past for the past, but the lessons need to be engaged also with the gift, the service of the understanding and the interpretation of the world and, on the other hand, to have as ballast the historical facts (in case that contrary, we will be constructing fiction), (MOREIRA and VASCONCELOS, 2009). Following this same line of thought the authors defend one practical educative one who have as objective to make with that each aluno/a also perceives its experiences as historical party to suit. To know more about this subject visit altavista.