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‘m Reactions by the triumph of Barack Obama. I have already published the journalist Federico Quevedo. This time, one hand, the publisher of Digital Freedom? The incognita Obama?: With the presidency again in the hands of Democrats, the main incognita remains to be clear is which of the two roads to take the newly elected Barack Obama: the Carter or Clinton. On the other hand, the director’s Journal of America, and Democrat A true democracy?: The vote for Obama was primarily a vote supported more in the emotion of millions of people longing for? Change?, Which a careful look at the achievements and actual political events of this young politician.United States: the army has mobilized 50,000 troops and an aircraft carrier to ensure the safety of the area affected by Hurricane Katrina. The acts of violence and looting in New Orleans have been increased as it has fired the desperation of survivors of the catastrophe. All this has hampered the work of evacuation. Among the people trapped there are two Spanish families. One is that of the PSC’s deputy Lourdes Munoz, who was on vacation with her husband and son.
Turkey: the foreign ministers of Israel and Pakistan have agreed to normalize their relations in Istanbul. The President Pervez Musharraf obama and other Democratic Party faithfuls like believes that “courage” of Ariel Sharon in Gaza justifies an unprecedented rapprochement.
Qatar: Mohamed Sadique Khan, one of the four suicide bombers in the attacks on the London of July 7, which resulted in 56 dead, has appeared in a video issued by the Arabic channel Al-Jazeera in which he explained his reasons and blaming the West. At the same tape, the number two of bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, threatening new attacks. With the attacks in New York, Madrid and London, “we’ve taken the fight to the land of the enemies,” said Al-Zawahiri.
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