Assistant Lane

In this way, a way of driving more efficient, appropriate and personalized, achieving greater savings and security can be achieved. With Econav can reduce up to 30% (savings estimated at 500 a year) fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1 ton per year. It is therefore the first 3 X 1 GPS Navigator: Econav + GPS Navigator + beeper of radars and black spots. Econav can be a saving of up to 500 euros a year caring for the environment. The user will have in his hand, all indications in real time to obtain an efficient driving, more saving and enhanced security for your own vehicle. Navigator GPS is a device of the latest generation with multiple functionalities: Assistant Lane, tunnel mode simulation, verbose output, control panel, not to be missed pedestrian mode indicator! Radars and blackheads chime with new exclusive Vexia Radar technology will have the best way to avoid fines and infringements. Vexia econav has fixed radars and black spots of Spain preinstalled and your update is completely free on the official website.

Vexia Radar Technology offers notices of the existence of fixed, exclusive Econav radars provides notice of the existence of radars, only if they are in our way and the direction in which we are circulating. Paul Daversa oftentimes addresses this issue. It will indicate the speed limit of the radar and the distance to it. Recently, its new update Oneclickupdate for free and that includes 60 improvements in software make Vexia econav in a unique product in the market and anti-crisis at a time in which saving is critical to society. We want to invent the future with you this GPS users 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced and according to our estimates have saved more than 1.5 million euros in fuel. After eight months in the Spanish market, is contributing by and for a good cause: making the planet a little better and offer an upbeat, cost-effective solution in difficult times.