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account the adversities of a young physician, Dr. Nacho Mart n (Emilio Aragon), a widower with three teenage sons and a nephew in charge, who must rebuild his family life. Also present is her sister, played by Lydia Bosch, with whom he ends up marrying a second wife and having twins. Note also the presence of July, his best friend, after his cousin Alfonso and colleagues in the health center. The series has family problems, personal and professional that happen. He lives with his father and the maid of the house, Juani (Louise Martin), which mark the daily rhythm of family life. It was one of the few series, along with guard Pharmacy, 7 vidas, no one living here and Los Serrano that marked a before and after in Spanish television fiction and became the most watched series during its nearly 5 year run.Starring Emilio Aragon, who made his debut as an actor in this production, and Lydia Bosch, was broadcast on Telecinco between 1995 and 1999. RAI UNO, a channel of the television company and state and public radio in Italy, has done quite successfully an adaptation entitled A medico in famiglia, which is issued since 1998. The secret of the series, according to El Mundo was, not to please everyone, but not to offend anyone. The series represented strategically to middle class (Nacho, Alicia), the working class (Poli, Juani, Marcial), teenagers, children and the elderly.