Will to Power

Let me make and control the nation’s money and I do not care who governs. Mayer Amschel Rothschild At a time when rulers enjoyed absolute power over his subjects, as was that of monarchies, the solution found by the bankers to keep their money and head for kings began to turn to them for money to finance his wars, was to finance the two rivals, the opponent is discreetly financed. They also demanded some immediate real share of power in the form of titles of nobility, land or public affairs. This dual strategy was always the advantage of ensuring the return of money and keep the head in his post.It was the hallmark of certain families of bankers, including the present one, who in the nineteenth century adopted a cosmopolitan pose an outreach and an exaggerated interest in taking over the debts of individual governments, so that became known the as’ international bankers. ” Simultaneously to Mayer Amschel became rich thanks to his strong will, wit and lack of scruples, Adam Weishaupt founded the order of” The perfectibility, “otherwise known as the Illuminati. Mayer Amschel soon realized that they both wanted the same, change the status quo into a format that favored but should act behind the scenes, the Illuminati had already been officially destroyed in 1784 and its members were dismissed in hiding at the time Mayer Amschel in which he gathered them together at his home in Frankfurt in 1786, being the main object of the meeting to analyze the significant new approaches to the French Revolution.Some years later the deputy and member of the Public Health Committee of the National Assembly Joseph Cambron, recalled that after 1789 “the great revolution hit everywhere except the financiers.” masterstroke During the Napoleonic Wars , the Rothschilds supported equally Bonaparte and Wellington, but the masterstroke they made following the battle of Waterloo. One was a privileged spectator of this battle and once said that Mars was smiling to England and Prussia, bursting galloped successive frames, paid a fortune to cross the Channel and then continued its gallop to London where in the British stock market was desperate to sell shares at any price. Other brokers, knowing the value of the information handled by Rothschild, interpreted that Napoleon had won the battle, so that panic gripped the market fell to lows not seen.A small group of Rothschild agents bought anonymously for the actions of the British war debt to be sold at a miserable price. From this point of inflection, the Rothschilds did nothing but increase his power until he was unrivaled in Europe and began a new challenge for them, the conquest of America. The Prophet A German Romantic poet and secret member of the Carbonari, published on July 12, 1842 text stranger with an air of prophecy in the journal Franz sische Zustand, in Hamburg in which he warned that “communism has not yet appeared but that appears to be powerful and fearless and selfless … as thought is identified with the dictatorship of the proletariat “and” although he now speaks very little … will be the dark hero who is a grand but temporary reserve role in the modern tragedy. Just awaiting the order to enter the scene.Also predicted “the war between France and Prussia, which is just the first act of great drama, the prologue. The second act will be the European, universal revolution, the great sorrow of the dispossessed against the aristocracy of property. So no more talk of nation or religion. Only there will be a homeland, Earth. And one faith, happiness on earth “because” there maybe just a shepherd and one flock, one shepherd free with a staff of iron, and a human herd and bleating sheared uniformly. It was Heinrich Heine, the nephew of Salomon Heine in Hamburg banker, who made these predictions, which foresaw the advent of communism, the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 and globalization, and first used the term dictatorship of the proletariat, then appropriate by Lenin.Thanks to Heine, Marx managed to take refuge in England when he was fleeing persecution by the Prussian and French police and, thanks to Heine, found refuge in the house of Rothschild in London, where protection had also found a mason before British deal the seat of the UK prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli. For the reader who is not started on the plan to install the New World Order (and whose first step is globalization) the previous content can be of purely anecdotal.