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Biography His real name was Kenneth Doncourt, born in the city of New York in a family devoted to vaudeville. According to his autobiography (Life on a Pogo Stick), Murray changed his name because he did not want the success of his father influenced him, and his ambition was to make a career for himself He became famous for his “Blackouts,” a show of varieties represented in the El Capitan Theater on Vine Street in Hollywood. The spectacle of Blackouts remained almost nine years. In World War II was one of the many celebrities in volunteering for Hollywood Canteen. Subsequently The Ken Murray Show presented a program of music and humor seminal broadcast on the CBS television network from 1950 to 1953. Murray filmed and compiled Hollywood celebrities filming in collections such as Hollywood Without Makeup (1963). He also authored several books, including his own story in 1960 and the only full biography published on the Broadway theater impresario Earl Carroll.He also worked on an episode of the sitcom of the 1964-1965 ABC The Bing Crosby Show, and in the 1966 film from Walt Disney Follow Me, Boys!. Ken Murray died in Burbank (California) in 1988, at 85 years old. For his contribution to the radio industry, he was awarded a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, at 1724 Vine Street.