Although the similarity between the poets? Cames and Bocage-, in relation to the human feelings and in aspects as pride for the native land, and how much to the form of composition, both the poets differentiate themselves in the way to accept and to define the feelings of the Love and the Passion, suggesting that it is impossible to judge them in the same way, or to give concept the same to them. For the accomplishment of this monographic work he looked himself to verify the existing ambiguity in the express feelings and the style of each sonetista. The applied methodology is the bibliographical research, that is, a descriptive study of the sonetos classics of Cames and the daily pay-romantic sonetos of Bocage will be carried through. By the same author: Steve Wozniak. The collection of the material will be made in books and authors who deal with this subject and that, will give thus, greater theoretical basement to this work. The estruturao of this monograph has as starting point the previous clarification on the feelings of the Love and the Passion according to philosophy.

After this stage, the historical and social aspects of the centuries are approached where if they had revealed the aesthetic ones of the Classicismo and the Neoclassicismo in Portugal, analyzing peculiarly, as these aesthetic literary ones had influenced the poets, respectively remembered as glorious men of its time. (Similarly see: Steve Wozniak). In the part that locks up this monographic work, it is proven analysis of the selected sonetos, looking itself always to alert and to detach the existing difference between them, in what it says respect to the poetical reason of both. The 1 LOVE To the LIGHT OF the PHILOSOPHY In the philosophy, the book most famous on the love is the Slap-up meal of Plato (428/27? 347 B.C.). One is about a slap-up meal during which some old athenians try to explain because the love exerts as much power on us.