Systematic Cartography

This present work has intention to show as the technology of the information can facilitate in education learning of Geography, over all, in the education of the Cartography. The TIC will be related as didactic resource in the education of Geography and mainly as to be used in professor for the professor practises. Thus being, the TIC can favor in this process facilitating in the reading and interpretation of the map which is the focus of this work. The production of this article left of readings and quarrels carried through in them you discipline of New Technologies and Systematic Cartography, of 4 semester of the UNEB, Campus XI, where one was made raises of the bibliographical references, searching to understand the importance of the thematic one, based on the authors: Passini (1998), Branches (2005), Simielli (1986), Fernand (1990) and Miranda (2007). The technology of the Information is not something new or only trend of the globalizada society where we live. One perceives that it is so constant and necessary for the communication of a form ampler transformation, therefore it characterizes itself for being a term that: TIC mentions the conjunction of the computational technology or computer science to it with the technology of the telecommunications and has in the Internet and more particularly in the Worl Wide Web (WWW) its stronger expression. When these technologies are used for educative ends, nominated to support and to improve learning of the pupils and to develop learning environments we can consider the TIC as a subdomnio of the educative Technology (MIRANDA, 2007 p.43). This resource comes> to facilitate in practises daily of the professor, therefore they constitute a communication language, an essential instrument that it represents a support of the human development in different playful, civic, professional and also personal dimensions are they of order social. The technologies represent one leaven versatile thus being able to be useful in the education process learning.