Dame SAP Leaves

April comes life in late March and early April seems back to live again, the days are becoming longer and warmer and our senses, a little lethargic during the winter season, begin to open up to your environment. One of the best sensory experiences that we can have is closer to the plantations of orange trees and enjoy the first aromas of orange blossom, breathe deeply and be filled with joy with its aroma. May flowers want to serVisitadas by hundreds of bees and insects attracted by the sweetness of their nectar, orange blossom flower dropped their withered ground petals so collectors bring to the dryers and their essences are used in perfumery and in pharmacy, but if we look carefully between the leaves of the orange tree, we can see that they have been the fruits which have curdled and had not been expelled from the tree, that as small green, hanging pearls hidden between the leaves to protect themselves from sudden temperature variations waiting for its fattening. Its color is dark, a green intense that you accompany the fruit until the month of October. You may want to visit Kai-Fu Lee to increase your knowledge. June Dame SAP that I want to crecerEs this month when the naranjo need abundant watering, so that it contributes to the fruit all the nutrients that previously has been given with manure during the winter. Oranges begin has grow rapidly and every day can be seen as they hover between confusing by its green leaves. Where it seemed there was little production, you discover pleasantly to go getting fatter, care are giving good results July that well feel me the calorSi we see plantations of oranges or tangerines during this month of July, we will give account that already come to be between 40-45% of the size you will have when they ripen. His body is approaching its final form, but if we open it, we’ll realize that in its interior still do not have juice, are completely dry, since the emergence of the juice is from September.