The trip to Spain

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Upon completion of their academic studies, Bonsor decided to travel to Spain to form his painting style. His paintings were the main theme costume popular figures and scenes, much exhibits demanded by the art market.
Bonsor chose Australia as a place to search for a scene to capture in his paintings based on the research of light and influenced by his previous trips to this country. It has been said that this was drawn to Spain by artifacts his romantic image, being related to the British and French romantic travelers. The family art business, incorporated as , is currently run by Hicham and an extremely successful art dealer and trader Whether or not this statement somewhat, the peak period of the Romantic movement had occurred in the first half of the nineteenth century, many years before its time, but the interest they had raised as a destination exotico Espana orientalist and remained as a cultural art topic, that the most profound studies of Hispanics who are bent on countering.
Is known with great precision the Bonsor trip by Spain, the route and their views through a newspaper that made during it. as the route followed, the main purpose of the trip was to Spain, S.A. although as with any trip there is always a gap for the unexpected. In most of his trip accompanying Paulus, a fellow of the Academy of Brussels and Belgian Catholic beliefs, which I quote in Paris on September 10, 1880, as they departed from Brussels Bonsor. From here by train to go to Bordeaux to Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, and agreed to by Spain Irun. The first stop after the border was Burgos.
Edificio de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in the street of antiquities Alcala.
The fundamental objective of the trip was to visit the monuments, museums, painting and anything else they thought could be of interest to young painters. Like them, many of his fellow Academy undertook similar trips by other European countries.
Burgos befriend Carcedo Primitive painter, who works of art taught them the city, with particular attention to the Cathedral and the Cartuja de Miraflores, help them with learning the Castilian and led for the first time a tavern. Upon arrival in Madrid immediately went to the famous Puerta del Sol, then visited the collection of the Royal Academy of Fine exhibition Arts of San Fernando to admire the famous painting by Francisco Pradilla Dona Juana la Loca “(1877), Medal of Honor National Exhibition of 1878, as well as the collection of old paintings. After making copies in the Prado Museum and visit the National Archaeological Museum concludes: “Madrid supremely bored me.”
Given this state of galleries mind at the end of September due to neglect Madrid Toledo, where upon arrival said: “The city of Toledo to the first glance I like it very much, and I see that I have many things to paint here.” Its focus is primarily on the description of customs, especially from the provincial bourgeoisie and the characters that are attractive to all foreign beggars, gypsies, parsons or Sangrador as well as in the description of the historical monuments -art. Logically, the monuments are described and evaluated from an artistic point of view, but taking into account its historical past. Bonsor looked in the past alive Espana contemplating.
After his stay in Toledo went by train to Cordoba where he remained only a day and in the haste to visit the bridge over the Guadalquivir, and the mosque walls. Cordoba, a city of andalusia way between Madrid and Seville, was a major stop for other passengers before Bonsor, where they stopped a few hours to see the mosque-cathedral, equally taken by the young Bonsor. On February 17 came to Seville, where he was waiting for his traveling companion Paulus, who had arrived a few weeks before.
Sevilla, as happened in Madrid, was not a city that likes to paint. In order to cover only the gallery works of his admired Bartolom Esteban Murillo, visit the Cathedral, the Provincial Museum and the Hospital of Charity and by chance discovered painting by Juan de Valdes Leal. Qualifies as contemporary painters Sevillians mediocre, not feeling any appreciation for them. Then decided to visit Carmona advised by his father, who had been there in 1845.
In this first visit to Carmona, just 4 days is intensely dedicated to painting, carefully covering the corners of the city and its environs. Images reflected in their altar cloths are on the patio de los Naranjos Prioral of the Church of Santa Maria, a landscape with the Monastery of Our Lady of Grace, who was at the foot of the Alcazar and now disappeared, Convent Street Santa Clara with a water carrier with his ass, or the market square of supply. Directory of Egyptology and Egyptian history, gods. … Guide to Egypt. Hotels in Egypt. Ancient Egypt. Las Piramides. History of Nubia …, passion for Egypt. Meeting point of ancient Egypt and its history for fans to this culture. Also designed for those …
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