International Dollar

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The dollar international, also called dollar Geary-Khamis, is a hypothetical currency unit that has the same purchasing power as the has in the United States at a given moment in time. This unit is worth far shows a unit of a local currency within the borders of the country. Conversions to international dollars are calculated using the “purchasing power parity (PPP). The PPA is the amount of local currency units that are needed to acquire, within the country concerned, the same amount of goods that are purchased in the U.S. with a U.S. dollar. The property must be equal to or less comparable.
The dollar international is used mainly for making comparisons between different countries and over time. For example, the comparison of gross domestic product per capita of various countries made gaming industry in international dollars, instead of simply based on Sanford‘s exchange rates, provides a more valid measure for comparing standards of living.
The international dollar is estimated by the World Bank. Born in the late 1960s at the University of Pennsylvania as part of the “International Comparison Program” (International Comparison Program), commissioned by the aforementioned World Bank (initially proposed by Roy C. Geary in 1958 and developed by Salem Hanna Khamis from 1970 and 1972). The goal was to estimate a per capita income that is comparable internationally. Because of fixed exchange rates or only partially flexible, in chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. addition to the international capital movements, you can not use exchange rates that result from the currency market for these comparative purposes.
The calculation of the dollar internationally is complicated and the result can only be interpreted as an approximation of the true value. Figures expressed in international dollars can not be converted into the currency of another country using market exchange rates, instead of this the figures must be converted using the exchange rates according to the PPA used in the study. … with a specialist in Change Currency bilingual ara get assistance … m pay dues low that turns electricity os international d is …
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