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Intel Nehalem Technology

New energy-saving Intel Nehalem server in the server of the shop of Thomas-Krenn AG. The Thomas-Krenn.AG presents its customers new server systems with Intel Xeon 3400 processors. These processors are based on Intel Nehalem technology and offer a variety of possibilities to improve performance while lowering energy costs of the server. Single CPU server systems […]

Analysis Of Catalog And Catalog Design For SFS Intec

Over 500,000 pages of catalogue have been designed by the experts of infolox GmbH in the past six years and created. Lindau. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi. This is similar to any publication of the other. The target every time to set the standards with his work, is one of many reasons why the […]

Microsoft Outlook

A login, many functions, optimal BiPRO processes! Dusseldorf, 24 October 2011 independent intermediaries have to struggle daily with different logins, and workflows with the insurance company. With zentralen access for easy login, sign up only once and have direct access to the portals of the members of the single sign-on e. V. Brokers have access […]

Siemens Enterprise Communications

SolveDirect Conference IdeXchange cloud service management integration inspires leaders Vienna, may 12, 2011 all cloudy? was the central question which was discussed at the SolveDirect IdeXchange Conference on May 5, 2011. While the sky above Vienna was clear, over 40 participants from major companies of all industries in the InterContinental Hotel came to, to follow […]

Wired Ethernet

New at sysob: access point AP400 from Meru Networks with 802 11n Quad-radio technology Schorndorf, May 17, 2011 which is the wireless local area network (WLAN) wireless communication in many companies now standard. Currently, the Wi-Fi networks requirements change however. Since the advent of mobile Internet-enabled devices such as Tablet PCs and Smartphones allows employees […]