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The Author

They had had the possibility to lie down themselves in the soil and to again try to be child. To come back to learn. ' ' In the arteterapia the established values are differentiated, do not matter what I make, but as I make and what I feel from what I construct. The beauty is […]

Trunk Radio

The reader can imagine as we, children daily pay-adolescents, in felt them seeing (and mainly hearing) that everything. We really were, let us say you discomforted. My mother did not make look like to be with fear, simply demonstrated certain impatience with the papa attitude. After martirizar the button off of the radio per some […]

The Ethics

Ethical Descriptive describes the moral phenomena; d.2) ethical Normative – the rational justification of the moral looks for; d.3) ethical goal reflects on the methods and the language used for the proper Ethics. e) we understand for ethics as being the reflection on moral or as the part of the philosophy that if occupies in […]

The Future

Venezuela, Brazil, Autonomous Communities in Spain and Extremadura also participate very actively in the free software movement while using tools in educational settings in the community and the development and improvement of free software tools for use public and private. At present there is one user who has browsed the internet without having to do […]