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New Marketing Strategy

The world consists of people who want to – be taken into account and convinced whether customers or suppliers, that they are the right partners for a business relationship. Seekirch, November 09, 2011 – the world is composed of people who considered and want to – be convinced whether customers or suppliers, that they are […]

Paul Sartre

We learn hurrying in them and not, to wait. We construct more computers to store more information, to produce more copies of what never, but in them we communicate each time less. We are in the age of ' fast-food' of the slow digestion; of the great man, small character; accented profits and empty relations. […]

American National Cancer Institute

New American clinical trial can prove no nicotine in the blood of the volunteers the electrical cigarette is a small electronic gadget, which form a regular tobacco cigarette is modeled. It provides its users a flavored, nicotine fog – but without the karziogenen Gifststoffe otherwise resulting from the combustion of the tobacco. It is assumed […]

Microsoft Outlook

A login, many functions, optimal BiPRO processes! Dusseldorf, 24 October 2011 independent intermediaries have to struggle daily with different logins, and workflows with the insurance company. With zentralen access for easy login, sign up only once and have direct access to the portals of the members of the single sign-on e. V. Brokers have access […]

Internet Explorer

Now it is difficult to live without the Internet. News and weather reports and forecasts, price lists and correspondence – the World Wide Web allows us to keep abreast of developments in the world, greatly simplifying access to the necessary information. Internet Explorer is today, perhaps – the most used software in the world. Every […]

Climatic Geology

– Axxon 186 13 of June of 2008 Blog de Sci-fics August of 2009 Annotations in a notebook On – Heliconia > Spring The custom to write down in a notebook everything what it is to me interesting causes, of indefectible way, a chaos. Treatment of being ordered without obtaining it. Most of the day […]


Barreto (2009 p.89) citing Bradley & Briant, comments ‘ ‘ children with dislexia are those that present problems when they try to learn to read and to write, even so are intelligent, fast and alertas’ ‘. To learn to read is one of the tasks most excellent of the school, and is in this space […]

TIMax Translucent

The Bielefeld Wacosystems offers immediately a sample box for their translucent honeycomb panels ViewPan. In the practical box 27 format samples contained 90 x 70 x 19 mm: the Bielefeld Wacosystems now a sample box for their translucent honeycomb panels ViewPan offers. In the practical box 27 format samples contained 90 x 70 x 19 […]

Electric Cafe

Since that time, some Kraftwerk albums were issued in various language versions, with song lyrics in English or German. Kraftwerk are the creators of the style electro group Kraftwerk is often credited with inventing the style of techno. They were one of the first pop groups who have created (not the avant-garde) music composition only […]