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This time I

This time I want to share with you, a chat OpenMaps of which we speak IKKS, Colombia, in FLISOL of freenode, which says how we can help create maps of our private areas. It also says that the level of datella we can achieve with this tool is greater than GoogleMpas gives us. —– (20:40:08) […]

Golden Age of

Golden Age of Hollywood During the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood, or the classic Hollywood narrative, are the terms used in the history of cinema, which designates both a visual style and sound for films and a production mode used in the American film industry between 1910 and 1960 approximately. Classic style, is fundamentally based […]

Transition to democracy

Transition to democracy Main article: Transition to democracy Patricio Aylwin received command of the hands of Augusto Pinochet, 11 March 1990 in the new Congress located in the city of Valparaiso, beginning the process of transition to democracy. Early in his administration, Patricio Aylwin had to work on a system that kept many vestiges of […]

According to the

According to the most accepted theory, the Guanches were a Berber people who traveled to the islands with their herds and crops, barley being the most important. Gofio, flour obtained from the roasted barley was their main food. This product has been maintained in the Canarian cuisine as a key element of it, preparing in […]


The State’s contribution to the economic support of the Catholic Church has different explanations according to the history and culture of each country and each case has a different scope. In Germany, church-state relationship is greater by the predominance of the Christian Democratic Union for many years. For Catholics who declare them as such tax […]

History of nutrition

History of nutrition since the emergence of man on earth, the type of food that he has had to eat for sustenance, has varied over time, because he was forced to adapt to those closest to him had was easier to get with the few tools we had. As an example, please cite the studies […]

Cast The

Cast The actresses Zoe Saldana (above) and Michelle Rodriguez (below), who play the Na’vi Neytiri and human pilot Trudy Chacon, respectively. Sam Worthington plays the film’s protagonist, Jake Sully, a paraplegic Marine becomes part of the Avatar project occupying the position as a scientist, exerted his recently deceased twin brother. After watching numerous candidates for […]


1. What standards should be taken into account to make the construction of cameras We should note that only licensed and certified personnel must have access to the construction and maintenance of vaults and chambers to ensure complete safety. Proper handling and training by using appropriate tools and protective clothing to prevent accidents. It is […]