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Brief Overview

Trying to butter to cover the entire daily requirement of vitamin A solely from butter (approximately 4 tbsp. L.) Would be unwise. It is sufficient calories, and besides one of the most easy to digest fats, because it consists of tiny fat globules (the digestibility of 98.5%). Alas, it can not affect the figure. We […]

Shalmali Alireza

Dr. Ruhi Shalmali Alireza (Iran) 2008 STRUCTURE PULP odontoblasts (ODB)-cells specific for the pulp to form dentin and provide its trophic. Nearby ODB related intercellular connections through which a layer of ODB able to perform a barrier function by regulating the movement of molecules and ions between the pulp and predentinom. Samsung has much to […]

Oxygen And Lungs

Reduced oxygen content makes the lungs work harder, it improves blood flow and, consequently, increases the oxygen capacity blood. If the holiday is far from – breathe the mountain air at gipoksikatore "Mountain Air". Win: you're on the straight path to longevity, and still is the biggest "energiser". Already after 10 sessions of the people […]

Human Embryo

The rate of embryo cleavage, according to the chronological scheme Trounson (1983) is that the zygote at 23-36 hrs. It is bicellular, at 37-40 hrs. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kai-Fu Lee. It has 3 cells at 41-44 hrs. It has 4 cells at 45-60 hrs. It has 8 cells, […]


"Cellulite" – a terrible word, is not it? Many women of the same name are ready to panic. Although it would seem, to fear, a modern TV offers thousands of creams, serums and gels of cellulite. It's a pity only that they do not help, and can not help. But what does work? I have […]

Parasite Organs

Life parasites (Greek sponge) is short and unenviable. Saves an incredible fecundity and ability to live everywhere, from the folds of skin, hair and internal organs before even brain tissue. It seems everything is done properly, the body owner does not notice the presence of foreign – live and enjoy. But! Suddenly, from the outside […]

NUC Patients

The data obtained in long-term study allowed the following conclusions: – PSC can develop at any stage of the course of IBD, but the majority of patients it occurs within 5 years of onset (80.6% in the NUC, 76.5% in CD) – Lost liver during the first year of onset is more common in CD […]

People’s Emotions

If we carefully look at the people around them, we see that all of them without exception only and are busy trying to have fun. Someone is trying to enjoy a meal, some alcohol after someone by nicotine, some in intimate relationships, some pleasure in power, someone in possession of money, etc. Even those who […]

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum therapy – a method of treatment and prevention of aesthetic skin problems, and enjoys a well-deserved popularity grows. Caretech Laf – a vacuum therapy device, with which you can conduct secure and effective treatments without surgery. Used in software correction, fat, cellulite, stretch marks, scars. At the core programs – the technique of lymphatic […]

Technology of Dental Implantation

Dental Implants – a new quality of life! Since ancient times, known to man's desire to replace lost teeth with various materials of animal, human and mineral origin. Does the ancient Civilization secret knowledge to enable them to carry out a successful operation? On the territory of Honduras, was found a fragment of mandible Inca […]