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Feng Shui

Room for washing is a symbol of purity, purification and liberation of excess in your life. Since originated in China at a time when the bathroom was very dirty place, almost all Chinese traditions associate it with radiating negative energy place. At the present time, a bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, cleansing […]

Record History

This component of the field is managing the nature and imposes a major limitation on the search for other civilizations. The third information: because there is information-control field, it created by reason, by many orders of magnitude greater than the mind of civilizations, which it is intended. This is the priority of the vertical structure […]

Just An Ordinary Galaxy

If these antinucleus surrounded by an appropriate number of positrons they form anti-atoms. Anti-atoms had to be almost exactly the same properties as ordinary atoms, they would form a molecule, one could form solids, liquids and gases, including organic matter. For example, two antiproton and a single core antikisloroda with eight positrons could form a […]

Lucid Dreams, Lesson 1

Lesson number 1: Recollection of Dreams (Recall dreams) At a time when the alarm clock to wake you (do not use a radio alarm clock! Use your alarm with the usual signal), proceed to step number 1: General description of column number 1. As soon as you wake up, do not get out of bed. […]