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Virtual Desktops, Another Alternative to Having Virtual Desktops in Windows

One of the few things that I do not like Windows Vista is that it lacks virtual desktops, something he remains its good points if we believe that today most modern operating systems include this feature. But fortunately, we have applications that can emulate this function well and help us organize our windows in work […]

Steinberg Presents Sequel 2, Its Building Programme for Music Consumption

Steinberg has submitted the new version of its new application of recorded music created by users, Sequel 2. Sequel is aimed at users who might also be interested in GarageBand, Apple.

Apple Defends the Lack of “copy and Paste into IPhone, Improvements in Battery

Apple has given an explanation for the lack of the feature “copy and paste” from the 3G iPhone and its new software version 2.0, available for all models of the iPod Touch and iphone.

Unlock the IPhone’s Software 2.0

This game of cat and mouse between Apple and the community hack continued, with news that the iPhone Software 2.0 has already been released? although it has not yet been released to the public. The development team of iPhone explained that they took a couple of months breaking the first version of new software from […]