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Nordic Mobile Telephony

Go to digital telecommunications standard for the company became one of the most important strategic decision that was confirmed in the early 70's release switch DX 200. Equipped with a computer at the time high-level language and microprocessors, Intel, he was so successful that even today the idea embodied in it are the foundation for […]

Internet Nokia

Relatively recently in our country are on sale smart phones, which have been waiting for many of our fellow citizens, the company is a manufacturer of apple and as you probably guessed it on the iphone. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. On the one hand understood the whole hype, which occurred before […]

Sony Ericsson

It is made of plastic and aluminum, which favorably affected the strength. However, between the halves of the slider is visible a small backlash. Sony Ericsson K850i Polk pyatimegapikselnikov arrived! Swedish concern now decided to try himself in the field "fototelefonov." Indeed, the quality of images obtained by above-average, and even video can be viewed […]


Especially it comes to services push e-mail, which are accompanied by a sensation with a maximum bulk Corporate users with mobile phones. In the same way in the unit cell GoldVish mode now scans all incoming files that are loaded in a laptop-book when used Bluetooth and MMS – one of the mostly common ways […]

FTP Browser

Opera Mini it’s free Java browser that allows you to surf the Internet with mobile phones, Wap sites as well as on Web sites. The map of sites is carried out in a qualitative way. Opera Mini is probably the most popular browser in the world. What is the feature of this popularity? Opera Mini […]

Nokia Repairs

nokia cellular repair is often paired with an incorrect and inaccurate maintenance phone. In a special repair center company Nokia will you all the help – will replace the parts, carry out simple repairs – but it will be possible to take only if the phone is guaranteed to be products of the Finnish company, […]

GPS Data

The biggest problem for the GPS receiver is the so-called "cold start". It was at this moment is search for satellites, almanac and ephemeris entry. Depending on external factors, the process may be delayed start, that not only causes discomfort, but also leads to increased energy consumption. A-GPS technology helps to cope not only with […]

Apple Store

True, headset must be connected in both cases, it traditionally serves as the antenna. Extend the core functionality of the Samsung Wave can with applications from third-party developers. We would like to say that all you need to mass in the phone is initially the program will be needed for specific tasks. For example, someone […]

Polyphonic Display

Probably many of you remember the picture freezes in-flight mobile phone Neo in the first part of the acclaimed trilogy “The Matrix”. We all watched on TV in this exciting and tragic death of any innocent cell phone … But times change and progress has its hard. Now, watch movies and even live television can […]

Nokia Electronics Nokia Information Systems

Thanks to this powerful production capacities of the company quickly managed to consolidate its position in Europe and Asia. In 1998, Nokia announced an increase in profits yf 70 -% (210 billion euros), while its main rivals Motorola and Ericsson reported a reduced production rate. The mobile market continued to boom, while also growing and […]