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Mountain Bike

It is common that the lack of information and also the excess of information you complicate when you want to make a decision. This is why in this article I explain the 4 main points to keep in mind when you want to buy bicycle MTB. 1 Want a mountain bike bicycle? A mountain bike […]

Shared Hosting

Server Virtual private, also called VPS (Virtual Private Server) through this system is based Web hosting company offers to its clients a Hosting with all the advantages of a dedicated server, but is actually a server shared by very few customers (3-8) by technical calls of virtualization with virtual servers. Each of the server’s clients […]

Clarity Life

A philosopher who could not walk because he stepped his beard, cut off feet. Dedicated to: My brother Alberto. Welcome to the past. If. It is true, in these recent articles I have spoken much of me. I have been a selfish intellectual. Although I hope that something we’re learning from all this. Ultimately that […]

Industrial Structure

The size of the enterprise superminimal expands (at constant performance techniques) by a quantitative increase in the number of similar units, ie, extensive way. However, at some stage of consolidation reduces the efficiency of production. Hence, the optimal size of the enterprise is in the range between minimum and maximum. Its value in addition to […]


This idea has shared with me by my friend who is often in Germany. proach. There has long put the business of selling audio stories for cell phones. New our country is a novelty and the niche is not occupied, respectively, and was born here, this idea. Mobile phones with radio no one is surprised, […]